The Goodridge Effect Formula

The Goodridge Effect Formula Explained

For the former/current engineers and numbers-minded folks, here is an explanation of the Goodridge Effect Formula. (Remember the Doppler Effect formula from high school physics class? Well, it's very similar!)

Sa = Actual Success

Sd = Desired Success

v= velocity (towards goal)

b= belief level

d= discipline

Wg = The (Walt) Goodridge Multiplier

So you can see that your Actual Success is a function of your Desired Success X the change in your speed based on your belief level; divided by the change in your speed based on the amount of persistence and discipline you bring to the table. This is all greatly increased by the Wg Multiplier Effect of tools like the GRANDSLAM Brainstorm, the Master Quickstart Checklist, and the Zero Cost Business Operatios Manual you'll receive (as appropriate) when you enroll in any of my courses.